what relativity means (to me)

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I believe that Einsteins relativity is flawed, even though I am unfortunately not familiar with the mathematics.

Physics or any other science based on mathematical reasoning is only ever an abstraction, a more or less valid approximation to reality, but never giving an “absolutely” true picture of if, but rather a very relative one.

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open eyes on terrorism

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Deeply touched and reminded by photographs seen on…

why??? jerryreghunadh.wordpress.com

showing images from 2004 and 2005 ‘Pulitzer Prize – Breaking News Photography’

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a web show, or what?

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Just yesterday, I found a reference to a great site on 43folders which is…

the show with zefrank

It mostly revolves around a fun and sarcastic videocast by a guy named Ze in a format that

“is a conversation between the host and the viewers of the program”

and you’ll notice some reoccurring themes like “Sports Racers”, “The League of Awesomeness” or “Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day” and somehow Ze has quite an affection for duckies.

To get you started, here is a recent episode on procrastination:

the show with zefrank
the show with zefrank: 02-07-07

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hawthorn girl on a rock

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on a rock

Just something I did with the remains of an infusion of shredded hawthorn seeds… well, tea you know. It had quite some plasticity to it so I started shaping. See more on flickr…

what is gravitation?

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The following considerations hit me like a blow when they first came to my mind and I have to admit, it made me feel suspicious towards all kinds of science. If anyone grabs the concept of my simple illustration below, feel welcome to spread the news.

gravity plain and simple

I have a hard time to understand how this is not what I have learned in school or how there could be any argument about it. As for me this is as simple as it gets with science, it’s common sense. I would be most delighted to give you mathematical proof of it. However, at this very moment I am not capable. Besides, I think it really is that ubiquitous presence of mathematics in all kinds of sciences that creates a blind spot for those scientifically inclined to realize when the thin borderline of underlying abstractions is being crossed.

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who is he?

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As you see in the page title, my name is quite a funny thing to be pronounced in the language I prefer to write my posts. Well, lets get over it.

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liberty in society

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Just recently, I watched a documentary called “We feed the world (Essen Global)” that tried to demonstrate some of the global strings that rule modern economies, in this case related to nutritional aspects. I was told and understood, how much of todays western societies and their political leaders simply go the wrong way putting focus on the idea of liberating pretty much every aspect of society that could have a market side to it.

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