liberty in society

Just recently, I watched a documentary called “We feed the world (Essen Global)” that tried to demonstrate some of the global strings that rule modern economies, in this case related to nutritional aspects. I was told and understood, how much of todays western societies and their political leaders simply go the wrong way putting focus on the idea of liberating pretty much every aspect of society that could have a market side to it.

Whenever a market potential is identified for some offer-and-demand-system to exchange in an economical way, the political maxime these days is to liberate that system from any constraints, so it can evolve in a way where offer and demand come to an agreement that in the end is supposed to be beneficial for provider and consument in a sound balance with the political mind set for economical growth and employment.

Liberation penetrates most every economical system these days in ways where massive demand on one side is faced with incredibly large investment and capital funds on the other side which operate globally to maximize economical profit and benefit for the procurer, sometimes the consument as well and usually to a significantly lesser extend to the actual provider of the ressources that goods and services are composed of.

Todays western societies do seem to have some big blind spots, where just a minority of individuals or organisations realize a certain things and try to even out the imbalance:

1) Much of what can be called economical growth, technical progress or even scientific evolution comes along with substantial detriment for those mostly weak parts of societies that are being used to supply the goods and services that are offered and consumed in western economies which usually have the intrinsic goal to grow and prosper even more. The golden question is: Who or what is actualy providing the ressources that the goods and services on any market are composed of and who is not only allowed to use these resources but also to refuse someone else to have access to them or use them in the same way.

2) Many parts of our economical systems today do quite the contrary of liberating the market they operate in. Consumers, contractors and employees are bound to strict terms and competitors are excluded from participation due to the massive use of licensing and ownership regulations for many aspects of societies and economies that neither need nor should be allowed to be “protected”. For example, I personally do see no right nor need when it comes to patenting, copyright of what can be called “intellectual property”. No man or organization on earth came up with its brilliant (or not) contribution all on its own. As to me, every progress in mankind should be availale and usable by everyone who can access it without violating a persons or organisations health, but very well being allowed to influence their prosperity.

3) There simply are aspects in life and society where an economical market system is not suitable to accomplish the task. Democracy itself is not a system regulated by offer and demand. So how on earth can everyone be participating in creating and / or maintaing a democratic environment, a sound and human belief system, where justice is the maxime to balance interests, if every aspect is driven by liberal economics? Justice, in practice, essentially should be to provide the weak not only in a society but also internationally with the means to participate in the wellfare they warrant with the ressources they provide.

4) There are things where the international community should disallow the evolution of economical systems and (ownership) regulations that come with it. These should not only include markets for illegal goods or services but more importantly markets for goods and services that are essiential to secure not only the most fundamental human rights as defined by the international community today but also some extended ones. Things that a liberal system of offer and demand cannot, but a democratic framework could provide, to ensure that a just and sound relation of the (economically) weak towards the (economically) strong can evolve to balance the distribution and progression of welfare. That does not mean things like: “lets make it happen that everyone on earth owns a fancy car by 2050” or “everyone on earth should have access to bred”. No, it just means that those people that actually provide the ressources (or whose country does) should benefit from this economical transit in a way they can participate in progress. Or in other words: “Stop exploitation of ressources and those who essentially provide them!” It does not mean, lets provide everyone on earth with he same sort or definition of welfare that a certain society, organisation or individual has. However, with todays imbalance in global welfare distribution, I think it is time for a considerable effort to at least grant access, relieve debts, etc…, etc… that take a more progressive stance than mere justice.

It is essential to understand that the freedom one demands for oneself inevitably cuts down the freedom of somebody else. Therefore what I call democracy can only evolve from individuals, organisations and societies that understand freedom and liberty first as the freedom and liberty of the others.

What makes me really think is, that even though I am writing this, my everyday habits in terms of my awareness as a consumer and ressource provider as well speak a totally different lanugage and that sucks big time.

As I was watching “We feed the world (Essen Global)” I was totally impressed by what Jean Ziegler had to say especially about the WTO.


~ by tobibeer on 2007-02-5.

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