who is he?

As you see in the page title, my name is quite a funny thing to be pronounced in the language I prefer to write my posts. Well, lets get over it.

At this moment I am living in Germany, earning my living as an “Industrial” Engineer working on digital engineering tools and methods to improve and establish manufacturing and logistics systems, most of the time using an object oriented discrete event simulation environment called ‘eM-Plant’, nowadays ‘Plant Simulation’. Does that sound interesting? Well it should. I love the job, working all conceptual and analytical and developing models and solutions, typing code when needed. Too me, it is quiet an interesting task not just to try to understand the inner structure and relations of systems, even manufacturing ones but also to model them in some computational environment in order to comprehend variations and influences, in most cases with specific targets in mind.

But, as live goes on, I will quit my job at the end of next month and move to Edinburgh, Scotland to follow my loved one, as she did, when I was offered my current job. Loads of stuff to prepare before the trip. So give some thumbs up, for things to work out well.


~ by tobibeer on 2007-02-9.

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