what is gravitation?

The following considerations hit me like a blow when they first came to my mind and I have to admit, it made me feel suspicious towards all kinds of science. If anyone grabs the concept of my simple illustration below, feel welcome to spread the news.

gravity plain and simple

I have a hard time to understand how this is not what I have learned in school or how there could be any argument about it. As for me this is as simple as it gets with science, it’s common sense. I would be most delighted to give you mathematical proof of it. However, at this very moment I am not capable. Besides, I think it really is that ubiquitous presence of mathematics in all kinds of sciences that creates a blind spot for those scientifically inclined to realize when the thin borderline of underlying abstractions is being crossed.

Keplers law is a good approximation and was a big leap forward in understanding movements of celestial bodies. Heisenberg came up with a keen concept that made science realize how limited our perception is and how at some point there is no borderline between the observer and objects observed or shall I say, objects estimated to exist. Planck developed a concept of tiniest energetic elements called quanta, when before it had been molecules, atoms or electrons.

Even discovering myriads of particles, way smaller than the atom that most of us never saw, physicists still draw the borderline where our limited perception allows no further, either way of the scale. Infinity is the concept that we just not seem to be capable to accept, however it is the single most basic understanding that should be the first thing we learn. And some lectures later we might realize that zero is a mere abstraction, a concept that is never true when applied to a seemingly encapsulated context that reality never is.


~ by tobibeer on 2007-02-10.

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