a web show, or what?

Just yesterday, I found a reference to a great site on 43folders which is…

the show with zefrank

It mostly revolves around a fun and sarcastic videocast by a guy named Ze in a format that

“is a conversation between the host and the viewers of the program”

and you’ll notice some reoccurring themes like “Sports Racers”, “The League of Awesomeness” or “Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day” and somehow Ze has quite an affection for duckies.

To get you started, here is a recent episode on procrastination:

the show with zefrank
the show with zefrank: 02-07-07

Supported by a large fanbase the site features a wiki, a forum, a community portal called the ORG and some means to get all groupie.

You can probably get a good idea, where Ze started from when you take off with his startpage where you’ll notice that Ze has quite a relation to interactive contents, such as a sketching toy called the scribbler. Ze announced this videocast to be a one year treat to all his dear audience. If this were to be the ultimate truth then mark march 17, for it might feature the last of his shows, as hard as it is to imagine. So if you’re up for a treat, go and visit the show while it lasts.

As for me: big thumbs up for Ze! And all you Sports Racers out there, it is not too late to contribute your Power Move!


~ by tobibeer on 2007-02-11.

One Response to “a web show, or what?”

  1. I like your title “the hole in my head” your discovering yourself wich makes sence.good art work i like it.

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