open eyes on terrorism

Deeply touched and reminded by photographs seen on…


showing images from 2004 and 2005 ‘Pulitzer Prize – Breaking News Photography’

I have 2 suggestions for the American people:

  1. point these images out to your army(’s leaders and members) as well as to your ‘enemies’
  2. get yourselves together and make an effort to unseat your shameful leadership

I think the US as a nation need to learn that one leader and his small clique of single minded ensigns are neither to rule a nation, nor the world! Democracy is a process where everyone, not just leaders, not just representatives, not just voters, but everyone in societies has a say in what is right and is asked to take that responsibility.

So please learn, that you are not alone in the world and get a bit more conscious about how your economy, as much as our European, exploits less developed countries to use their resources to allow for ‘affordable prices’ and margins for their own people! When you stop that, you start taking responsibility, not just for yourself, not for your nation or it’s flag, not for ‘international alliances’ like the WTO, but for the people in the world.

And one more thing, try to keep religious concepts out of it. If either ever existed as believed by so many, you are not the spokesmen of God or Jesus. Stop to reinterpret old beliefs and start to act like responsible humans that do can overcome being egocentric and fearful (which is quite an awkward combination).

One last thing, as for me ‘terror’ is a word that should be banned from dictionaries. Even if it means a lot, it doesn’t say much and totally seems to disregard origins. Replace actions with questions and the search for answers.

No need for war.


~ by tobibeer on 2007-02-11.

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